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Midsouth Horse Trial Sponsorship Opportunities - Here is a chance to supplement our region's fundraising goals through club, individual and business sponsors.                     Click on this link to print the Sponsor signup sheet.  

2024 Quiz is March 2 and now in Lexington.              Locust Trace AgriScience Center, 3591 Leestown Road

2024 USPC Festival information  click the link 

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Lessons with an NE:  Sign up for lessons with a National Examiner

2024 Dates:  


click the link above for information and typed entry form or use the link below to use the Google entry (preferred)

Copy link and choose "Paste and go to Google docs" to open

Important!! These lessons are for ALL levels. Groups are formed based on rider level so there will be a suitable group offered for each member. 

Get to know your National Examiners! 
These lessons are an opportunity to receive feedback from an NE and for those considering any certification.

Due to changes and additions during the year, current dates will be listed on this page instead of the web Calendar pages  

2023 Midsouth Junior Board members:     

President - Ruth Rosendaul,  VP -  William Coon,                    Treasurer - Abigail Beckman, Over Secretary - Ella Widman,  Communications - Aurea Dove & Ellie Cheung,                      Project Managers - Lilli Seto & Lila Morgan

Upper Level Testing Information:

* NOTE - these outlines will be updated after the new Standards are published in January.

Click on Members: Member Materials on the menu bar to view C3 & B outlines for your testings, the USPC Record Book file,  lesson ideas and other helpful aids for upper level candidates.

C3, B and A Eventing testings can be taken in two phases:

 C3 - Phase 1: Turnout, Bandaging, Longeing and Riding on the Flat.         Phase 2: Riding Over Fences.  *HB must be passed.

 B -  Phase 1: Bandaging, Longeing and Riding on the Flat.                      Phase 2: Riding Over Fences. *C3 must be complete.

 A - Phase 1: Riding on the Flat.  Phase 2: Riding Over Fences.

*The C3 & A riding sections may now be completed before the HB or HA but no change in your rating will be recorded unless you complete the relevant HM test. 

Midsouth Current Dues:

        prorate $35 

        timely renewal by 11/15 $25

        late renewal after 11/15 $30

Regional Dues are to be sent to: Becky Logsdon, 8425 Baptist Church Rd. SE,  Elizabeth, IN 47117-8452






Pony Club Fundraiser Shows:

Save the dates and support each other whenever you can -

Covered Bridge Combined Test - March 17

2024 Mega Rallies: 6/18-23

Link for D Rallies volunteer sign-up:


>>>Rally Fact Sheets and Entry forms will be on the Forms page

KHP Rules - important! All drivers of golf carts must have a full drivers license - even if an adult is sitting in the seat next to the underage driver.  No more passengers than the number of seats in the golf cart.  KHP police will ticket overloaded carts.

**Deadline for testing up is Opening Date -.

Note: Both D1 and D CT Rallies may have two riders share one horse.  

D1 Rally offers Ground Poles or 12" options.

D CT Rally has Pre-Starter, Starter and Beg Novice  

Eventing Rally has Pre-Starter & Starter

Beg Novice level will be included with the Open HT

D Rallies, Dressage Rally, Show Jump Rallies open 5/23; close 5/30  

C Rally opens 5/9 close 5/30.  Dates are 6/23-25

    SJ -  $ Includes 2 nights stabling.

    DR -  $ Includes 2 nights stabling.

    D1 -  $   No charge for C Advisors; 2 nights stabling.

    D2/D3 CT -  $ Includes 2 nights stabling.

    D2/D3 EV -   $ Includes 2 nights stabling.

    C Rally - $    Includes 3 nights stabling - Th>Sat only.

Stabling info and layover form is posted on the Forms page.

National Championships 2024 - see Festival info

Opening Date: Monday, May 1, 2024
Closing Date: June 24, 2024
Qualification Period: April 1, 2023 - June

Note: C3 & up members do not have to attend a regional rally to compete as long as their RS approves their entry.  C+ not included.

Champs offers Modified Divisions starting at 10 yrs old and BN level for Ds - see the current Eventing Newsletter posted on ponyclub.org for more info.