Midsouth Forms & Information


Midsouth Expense Form  click link

2024 updated Standards & Test Sheets - copy link and paste into browser or click on the Members Page for USPC link

D level (all) - https://www.ponyclub.org/Certifications/LocalLevel/DLevel.aspx

C1 & C2 levels (all) - https://www.ponyclub.org/Certifications/LocalLevel/CLevel.aspx

Mega Rally Forms - 

First - download the free "Adobe Acrobat Reader" app onto your computer or phone in order to use fillable entries.  

To use on your phone:   Open the entry file.  Click on the "forward" arrow at the bottom of the page to open the forwarding options. 
Scroll down to "Import to Acrobat".  Select, then tap "Import to Acrobat" again.  Fill the entry in, print then sign by hand.  
If you don't have an Air Printer, email to yourself and print from your computer.

To use on your computer:  The file should open as fillable but click the "Open in Acrobat" notice on the side of the form if not. 
Fill the entry in, print then sign by hand.

To fill by hand:  Click on the printer icon at the top of the file page. 

Link for D Rallies volunteer sign-up: https://www.eventingvolunteers.com/events/2323/signup?signup_token=fc4ae41f6a

Coaches Forms:

Eventing Rallies

Dressage Rally

Show Jump 



Chaperone Form:

All Activities

 Misc. Forms:

Junior/Senior Team Permission Slip (same form for all Rallies)

Emergency Contact Form for Seniors

Championship Information - note: there is no Starter division at Champs

Entry Forms:

Xentry Information for the Qualifying Rally only

2024 USEA HT Entry form for the Qualifying Rally only.  Thursday-Sunday.  Starter>Training

Qualifying Rally Fillable entry form


Preferred Google Non-Qualifying Rally entry -


Non-Qualifying Eventing Rally Fillable Entry form  Wednesday-Friday.  Pre-Starter & Starter


Preferred Google CT entry - 


Open Combined Test Fillable Entry form  Wed-Thursday.  Pre-Starter, Starter & Beginner Novice


Preferred Google D1 entry -https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8mm2cvPrl7uJ2KRvfHHTtESHYEhq2uuOnpD0x4rBdZB13bw/viewform?usp=sf_link

D1 Combined Test Fillable Entry form - Grasshopper  Wed-Thursday.  Poles on Ground.

D1 Combined Test Fillable Entry form - Puddlejumper  Wed-Thursday.  12" jumps.


Show Jump Fillable entry form

Dressage Fillable Entry form

Fact Sheets:

Qualifying EV Rally

Open Non-Qualifying EV Rally

Open CT Rally

D1 Rally

Show Jump Rally

Dressage Rally